History of Baringin Sakti

1) Hj. Abu Zahar (Founder)

2) GM.S. Lebe ~ Specialized in Kumango & Pauh

3) Hj. Umar Machtub (Brother-in-law)

4) Guru Edward Lebe (Current Grandmaster)

Guru Lebe combined the following systems placing special emphasis in areas as described below:

Kumango ~ (emphasis on breaking, smashing
                      and locking)
Pauh ~ (sweet mango) emphasis on softness.
              dance with the hands.
Lintao ~ ground / rolling
Seterelak ~ open hand attacks with palm strikes
Bayang ~ flying - jumping / attack & defend
Sile' Tuo ~ the old Silat from Sumatra
                     ~ situational

Animal Styles;

Harimau ~ Tiger ~ (strong & powerful ~ deceptive ferocity)
Buaya ~ Crocodile
Monyet or Baruk ~ Monkey
Kucing ~ Cat ~ (fast, small, quick hand movement)
Ular ~ Snake ~wrapping, entangle opponent



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