History of Baringin Sakti


Our Patch / Logo:


The Tree:

In May of 1955 in the center of Padang grew a big
powerful tree. It was fitting that this tree represent
Baringin Sakti.

The Baringin Tree:  

It is a Place to lean to
There are its ROOTS to stand on
A BRANCH to hang on to

The Roots of the tree represent the stems of Baringin Sakti;

Kumango, Pauh, Lintao, Sile' Tuo, Seterelak & Bayang

The Circle of Feet:

They symbolize each Corner of the Wind (8 corners)

The Stars:

They represent the Light

The 3 Rings:

This represents Sport

The Color Black:

This color represents Confidence

The Color Yellow / Gold:

This color represents Wisdom (be Wise)



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